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Beats Per Minute Archive (the first time around)

Dave Angel, aka the Sound Enforcer, discusses the music biz, his background and his love of boxing.
Billy Nasty, Mad Iccy takes on the owner of Tortured Records.
Anne Savage DJ, Producer and all-round busy girl speaks to Iccy on release of the "Tidy Trax - Tidy Girls EP".
Astral Projection - Avi and Lior from the top Israeli trance act.
D.D.R - top Techno artist and owner of the Hazchem and COSHH record labels.
Blu Peter - the trance-master prior to his UK tour.
John "OO" Fleming - in advance of the release of his new album.
D.A.V.E the Drummer - top London producer, who has released numerous records on: Routemaster/Stay up Forever/Cluster/Boscaland/Smitten/TEC/ etc etc etc.
Jon the Dentist - The DJ/Producer Jon The Dentist, who was voted one of the Top 100 DJ's in DJ Mag and is the owner of the Boscaland, Phoenix Uprising and Bosca Beats record labels.

Live reviews:
Focus, Mullingar, July 2000
Creamfields Ireland, Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, County Kildare, 24th June 2000
Homelands, Mosney Holiday Centre, 29th April, 2000
Sander Kleinenberg, Cream @ The Kitchen, Saturday, March 11th 2000
Dave Angel, Isaac Butt, Dublin, 4th March 2000
Darren Emerson/Johnny Moy, Red Box, Dublin, Saturday 13th November
BPM Ireland Special: Munki Magic - Michael Gleeson reports on Dublin club Munki's first birthday, as well as having a few words with those who started it all.

Record reviews:
Mad Iccy's Pick of the releases

Mad Iccy's Harder side of Dance

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