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Single Reviews: 24th May, 2000

Anjali - Lazy Lagoon (Wiija)
Opening like a Judy Garland showtune, Lazy Lagoon keeps the big brassy feel and threads it together with a simple harp led melody and a trip-hop beat. Around all this is laced some breathy vocals. Think Portishead's 'All Mine' with happier overtones, or a 1970s Flake Ad. Mmmm, chocolate...

La Rocca - Dependence Theme
Sounding slightly like The Manics' James Dean Bradfield, La Rocca lead-singer Bjorn Baillie is half-Norwegian and half-Irish. It's good to see bands like this putting Ireland on the map for more than just U2. Fresh and contemporary sounding, there's parts that are still a little rough around the edges but overall, a solid package.

Nigo - Freediving (Mo Wax)
More indiepop, this time from Japan. Apparently Nigo is somewhat of a cool cat in his home country, but it's difficult to see him breaking into Europe with what is a pretty standard sound. It does have redeeming qualities - its use of a Hammond organ and synth gives it a fresh, non-guitar-based sound, which is always a relief. But music like this ain't never gonna change the world.

Llama Farmers - Snow White (Beggars Banquet)
Damn catchy this one. It starts off pretty mellow, then steps things up a few gears with a nice melodic hook. Repeating the refrain "Flat on my back against Snow White/ and who am I to criticise", it just goes to show that indie bands can still be interesting.

Whistler - Happiness (Wiija)
Don't be alarmed. This is not a happy song by Whistler. Kerry Shaw sings 'It's almost/ as good as happiness', and the cynics sway along, secretly glad that a band like Whistler exist. Their use of violins is part of what make them unique and in Happiness, the strings, which lend a sense of urgency, are as beautiful as ever.

David Caplice - Dreams
Well, this is another well written, well produced, slick piece of pop genius... Nawwwttt! Why do these people even bother? Oh yeah, I forgot. Cause they get to number one. I'm starting to think Rick Astley had more to offer the world of music than we all thought.

Mojave3- Return to Sender (4AD)
A nicely understated piece of Dylanesque pop, all harmonica and plodding beats and not without cynicism: "I spend all day with a rose in my teeth/ I give it to the first girl who will say something sweet/ she says Thank You but this flower will die within the hour/ return to sender".

Brassy - Play some D (Wiija)
I challenge you not to wiggle your arse to this. Brassy is all about attitude and funky hip-hop and once again, they don't disappoint. What the D refers to, who knows?

Anne-Louise Foley

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