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29 Died - Promo
[satellite dub] - [sessions #1]
Acts Magdalena - Demo
Advent Sleep - egos & eros
Aenima - Never Fragile
Aesma Daeva - [Here lies one whose name was written in water]
Aesma Daeva - The Eros of frigid beauty
After Darkness - Murnau
Albatross - Joy
Sean Altrui - The Candle Horn Churchyard
Amber Spyglass - Amber Spyglass
Apoptygma Berzerk - APBL2000
Apoptygma Berzerk - Harmonizer
Apoptygma Berzerk - Kathy's Song
Apoptygma Berzerk - Until the end of the world
Arcana - …The Last Embrace
Arcane Art - The Cursed Artist
Architect's Eye - decline
Arise from Thorns - …before an audience of stars
Art of Decay - escape from virtuality
Artrosis - Hidden Dimension
assemblage 23 - [contempt]
Assemblage 23 - disappoint
Assemblage 23 - failure
Ataraxia - Lost Atlantis
Attrition - the hand that feeds
Attrition - The Jeopardy Maze
Audra - Going to the theatre
Autumn Tears - Winter and the Broken Angel
The Azoic - forward...
Bad Sector - Plasma
Bauhaus - Gotham
beborn beton - Tales from Another World (the best of)
Belisha - The fall of the evergreen
The Birthday Party - Live 1981-82
The Black Dog feat. Ofra Haza - Babylon
Black Lung - the psychocivilised society
black tape for a blue girl - As one aflame laid bare by desire
black tape for a blue girl - the scavenger bride
Blackhouse - Dreams like these
Blind Before Dawn - distant EP
Blind Before Dawn - Scared of Firewalls
boole - boole
Boshetunmay - Signal
Box Office Poison - Mysteries
Braindance - Redemption
Braindance - Redemption (demo)
Breath of Life - Sweet Party
Brother Orchid - The Babysitter Murders
Butterfly Messiah - Priestess
Cabaret Voltaire - nagnagnag (remixes)
Canister - Blame
Catastrophe Ballet - Modern Primitives
Chaos Engine - Escape Ferocity
Chaos Engine - Obstinate
Chaos Engine - obstinate (demo)
The Church of Gary Numan: A Dark Celebration (A tribute by Jim Collins)
Claire Voyant - Claire Voyant
Claire Voyant - Time Again
Claire Voyant - Time and the Maiden
Clan of Xymox- Hidden Faces
Clan of Xymox - Remixes from the Underground
Clay People - Clay People
Collide - chasing the ghost
confession of faith - children of a dying sun
Conspiracy - Electric Bitch
Contingence - Dominion
Covenant - Northern Light
Covenant - united states of mind
The Creatures - Anima Animus
Cruciform - the renaissance within
The Crüxshadows - Paradox Addendum
The Crüxshadows - Wishfire
Ctrl - Secure the Shadow
Curve - Chinese Burn - dataseed - new religion
Cyber Axis - the prophecy
Cydonia - Cydonia
Dark Muse - Sounds from Beyond the Silver Wheel
Dark Runner - Unknown master save us - they are evil
The Damage Manual - One
The Dark Violence of Beauty - At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo
Das Ich - anti'christ
definition of sound - eccentric
Gitane Demone - Am I Wrong?
Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself
Depeche Mode - The Singles 86-98
Désar - Land of the Blind
Descendents of Cain - Evolutions
- Detraction - - Caught within
Die My Darling - Sleep
Dif Juz - Soundpool
Diorama - her liquid arms
Dismantled - Dismantled
Dr Kevorkian & the Suicide Machine - The Ironman
Dream into Dust - No Man's Land
Dreams of Sanity - Masquerade
Dryads - Goltraighe
D.U.S.T - Lords of Madness
E\Craft - Dos_Unit
Elasmo - demo
The Electric Hellfire Club - Witness the Millennium
Elusive - Destination Zero
Empire Hideous - Act IV: "It's Just a matter of time."
ennui - ritual & dogma
eo ipso - Nachrichtensperre
Exceed Six Doses - O.Y.F.E.A.L.
The Faces of Sarah - Misery Turns EP
The Fair Sex - Get out of my head the mixes
The Fair Sex - TFS
Fall of Because - Life is Easy
Falling Janus - My Shallow Thin Shallow
fatal blast whip - constellation
Fatal Blast Whip - Seduction
Fear of Dolls - All Monsters Eat Children
Fear of Dolls - When the Organ Played at Twilight
Fiction 8 - Chaotica
Fields of the Nephilim - Fallen
Fifth Column Fetish - Fifth Column Fetish
Flaming Fire - Get old and die
Flesh Field - Viral Extinction
Fockewolf - Die Toten Weg
form/alkaline - disk 1.2
Ganymede - Falling EP
Garden of Dreams - The Seraphim's Desire
Michael Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel - Love Lies Bleeding
Genitorturers - Flesh is the law
Genitorturers - Sin City
Girls Under Glass - Equilibrium
Girls Under Glass - Frozen
Girls Under Glass - Nightmares
Glampire - the Soft White Ghetto
Glis - advanced promo
God's Bow - what's beyond the suns
Grace Overthrown - Child/Rolled into One
Grace Overthrown - Serial Killer Dragons and Gothic Elves
Greenhaus - the unmistakable sound of sloth
Jennifer Hope - Winds of Tomorrow
The Hope Blister - Underarms
Hope Blister -'s ok
Human Greed - Consolation
Hungry Lucy - Apparitions
Idiot Stare - The Hate Cage
Implant - Unidentified Flying Frequencies
In the Nursery - cause + effect
In the Nursery - Engel
Inertia - Advanced Revelation
Inertia - Negative Prime
Inertia - No Defect
In Strict Confidence - herzattacke
Intra-Venus - Persecution
Intra-Venus - Pray Silence
inhaler - chang
Ivory Frequency - [The strangest callings]
Jarboe - Anhedoniac
Junkie XL - Saturday Teenage Kicks
Killing Miranda - Blessed Deviant
Kismet - North Atlantic Balkan Express
KMFDM - Adios
KMFDM - Attak
Lacrimosa - Alleine zu zweit
Lacrimosa - Fassade
Lacrimosa - Live
Lacuna Coil - In a Reverie
The Last Dance - Perfect
Libitina - A Closer Communion
Licorice - Sulk
Lights of Euphoria - true life
Lithium - demo
Little Miss Conception - The Plate Glass Fallen Sky
loretta's doll - creeping sideways
Love Like Blood - Snakekiller
Luxt - Americoncussion Demo
The Machine in the Garden - One Winter's Night
The Machine in the Garden - out of the mists
The Machine in the Garden - underworld
man(i)kin - sacrament
man(i)kin - sem(i)nal
Mara's Torment - Across for Show
Marilyn Manson - Mechanical Animals
Mass Hysteria - Respect (to the dancefloor)
Massiv in Mensch - Belastendes Material
Mechanical Cabaret - we have an agenda
The Mediæval Bæbes - Worldes Blysse
megadump - alles, was du willst...
Megadump - feed me, fuck me, kill me!
mesh - who watches over me?
Midnight Configuration - dark hours of the southern cross
Midnight Syndicate - Realm of Shadows
Midnight Syndicate - Vampyre
Ministry - Dark Side of the Spoon
Ministry - Sphinctour
The Mirror Reveals - Frames of Teknicolor
mittageisen - … alles is anders … nichts hat sich geändert
mittageisen v2 - geld - arbeit
Moonspell - the butterfly effect
Alan Moore & Tim Perkins - The Highbury working
more machine than man - robot
Morgan's Canon - for Water
Muleskinner Jones - Terrible Stories
Murder Inc - Locate, Subvert, Terminate - The Complete Murder Inc
A Murder of Angels - while you sleep
A murder of angels - in the air
Murder of Crows - Toys of Desperation
Mutual Hate Society - Exploration of the Multiconscious Mind
My Insanity - Still Dreams in Violent Areas
The Narcissus Pool - Life's Bitch Tapestry
Neuroticfish - les Chansons Neurotiques
Neuroticfish - noinstruments
The New York Room - The Colour of Midnight
the nine - dreamland
Nitzer Ebb - Let your body learn/control I'm here
njatr - ep
Nocturne - Twilight
November 17 - Trust No One
Noxious Emotion - Demo
Noxious Emotion - Elements
Noxious Emotion - Symbols
Null Device - Sublimation
Numb - Blood Meridian
Numb - Desire/Blind Remixes
O Quam Tristis... - Le Rituel Sacré
one - walk the mercy mile
Oneyed Jack - Le Cholera
Orifice - Gollywoggle
Over Voltage - Belaruser
Own Kernel - OK
Oxygen Law - Arbeit ep
Panie Kahanku - Le Cauchemar
Paradise Lost - Host
Paralysed Age - Into the Ice
Paris by Night - Dawning
Andrea Parker - Kiss My Arp
Passion Play - Dreaming Spires
Penis Flytrap - Tales of Terror
Penitent - As Life Fades Away
Penitent - Roses Spawned by Chaos
Penitent - ...The Beauty of Pain...
Phantom Vision - Nocturnal Frequencies
Philtron - Chronotrope
Pist.On - Number One
Pist.On - $ell.Out
Pitchshifter - Genius
Project 12:01 - time for a taste
Project X - Infected/Reminder
Pseudocipher - pseudocipher
Psyche - Endangered Species
Psyche - The Hiding Place
Psyche - Misguided Angels
Psyche - Sanctuary
Psyche - Sanctuary EP
Psychic TV - Were you ever bullied at school... do you want revenge?
rachael's surrender - summer
Rachel's Surrender - Within the Tears of Winter
Raising Mu - The Search
raison d'être - in sadness, silence and solitude
Recoil - Unsound Methods
Red Flag - The bitter end
Red Flag - Who are the skulls?
Rico - Attack Me
Rico - Sanctuary Medicines
Rico - Smokescreen
Ringtailed Snorter - look back in the mirror
Saber Wraith - Egypt
Sabot - [sabo]
Sabotage - Acoustic Costumes
Scar Tissue - TMOTD
Schöne Maschine - Schöne Maschine
Secret Agent Gel - P as in Peter, F as in Frank
The Sepia - sampler
Synthetic - ADSR
Seabound - hooked
Second Skin - Flesh Wound
Sheep on Drugs - new cuts
Shimri - Lilies of the Field
The Shroud - A Dark Moon Night
The Shroud - Long Ago and Far Away
The Shroud - In the Garden
Slut Freak - Rok Anthems
SMP - Hacked
The Soil Bleeds Black - Quintessence
Spahn Ranch - Closure
Spahn Ranch - Closure (UK edition)
spektralized - allied
spies - notinism
Spindle Shanks - Spindle Shanks
State of the Union - Black City Nights
Stereonoize gallery - Synthetic wings
Sumerland - Sivo
sundown - glimmer
Suture Seven -
Suture Seven - Aversion
System der Dinge - Fear Forms Function
Technoir - samples
Temple of the Times - Requim for the lost children
Test Dept - the enigma of doctor dee/vena cava
Testify - Crack the Mind
Theatre of Tragedy - Assembly
This Ascension - seVer
This Midnight Stream - Cinematic
This Veil of Tears - Adam Nude
This Vale of Tears - Exceed
ThouShaltNot - ThouShaltNot
Thread - Abnormal Love
Tiamat - brighter than the sun
toini - electronic biscuits
Torn Skin - Mislead
Tracer - Tracer
Turk Knifes Pope - performance crippling data restriction
Twelfth of Never - Blowing bubbles through broken windows
Two Witches - Eternal Passion
Ultramax - Resurrection
Peter Ulrich - Pathways & Dawns
Ultraviolence - superpower
Unknown - demo
the unquiet void - between the twilights
Uranium 235 - Cultural Minority
Various - A cage went in search of a bird
Various - Accession Records Volume One
Various - amduscias
Various - Aria
Various - anchorage elektro vol. 1
Various - Another Prick in the Wall - A Tribute to Ministry Vol. 2
Various - Awake the Machines Vol. 2
Various - Carnival of Souls
Various - Cleopatra 2000
Various - Coldwave Breaks II
Various - Cryonica Tanz V. I
Various - Cryonica Tanz v2
Various - Cyberpolis: a darker dancefloor vol II
Various - Darken my Fire (a Gothic tribute to the Doors)
Various - Dark Noise 2000
Various - Das Bunker - Elektronische Untergrundkultur-Ein
Various - Defend the Palace - Worms MCLXXXIV
Various - Der Seelen Tiefengrund 3
Various - Distention - Alterculture Records Label Sampler
Various - Diva X Machina 2
Various - Electro club attack: shot five
Various - exoskeleton
Various - Fields of Fire
Various - Futronik Structures Vol. 2
Various - The Gothic(?) Sounds of Nightbreed - Label Sampler Part 3
Various - music from the Succubus Club
Various - new alternatives five
Various - The Projekt Sampler
Various - Projekt 2002.1
Various - Quadrophobia - A Pendragon Records Compilation
Various - Splashed with many a speck
Various - Square Matrix 002
Various - Storm the Palace : Worms AD MCXVII
Various - Subnation Volume II - An American Darkwave
Various - TV Terror - Felching a Dead Horse
Various - very introspective, actually: a tribute to the Pet Shop Boys
Various - Voltage II - Electronic Vivisection
Various - Working with children & animals, volume 2
Various - WTII records: the resurrection
VNV Nation - Beloved.1
VNV Nation - Futureperfect
VNV Nation - Genesis.0
Void Construct - Estramay Aleph
Waylander - Reawakening Pride Once Lost
The Weathermen - The Last Communiqué
White Rabbit Cult - …and the gods made wars
Winterland - Alone in a Fairground
With Sirens Entranced- Epilogue
Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück
Womb - Spiteful Extractions
Xorcist - Bad Mojo
The Young Gods - Lucidogen
Z Prochek - In my mind
Zoar- Cassandra
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe

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